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Creating Beautiful Dental Crowns for Spartanburg Patients

Taking good care of your teeth and maintaining regular appointments with your dentist is the best way to prevent problems from developing. Even when you take all of these precautions, however, you may deal with decay and other issues that cause teeth to break or otherwise necessitate replacement. In such cases, restorative options such as dental crowns can resolve the problem and make your smile beautiful again. A crown works by covering the remainder of a damaged tooth and restoring it to a natural shape, size and feel. Some of the different options we offer for crowns include:
  • Porcelain
  • Fixed
  • Temporary
  • Permanent

Replace Damaged Teeth and Cover Gaps With Bridges

Dental bridges, much like crowns, restore damaged teeth by placing a cap on the damaged tooth. A bridge for teeth, however, is intended to treat multiple adjacent teeth that have been damaged. We offer temporary or permanent bridges as well as dental bridge repair. Some of the benefits bridges offer include:
  • Preventing other teeth from shifting
  • Restoring ability to speak and chew
  • Keeping the shape of your face intact
  • Restoring the overall appearance of your smile

Restorative Dentistry Options in Spartanburg, Chesnee & surrounding areas

If you have teeth that are broken, decaying or missing, investing in restorative dentistry will do far more than simply improve your smile. It will improve your dental health overall and provide you with the confidence that can only come from a beautiful smile. Foothills Family Dentistry offers dental crowns and bridges to clients throughout the Spartanburg area. If you are looking for a dental office in Spartanburg, Chesnee & surrounding areas, we are the dentist to trust. In addition to restorative treatments, we provide a comprehensive list of other services. Call us at 864-578-9040 to arrange an appointment for dental care.
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